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Hard To Believe

On Sunday, May 3, on Fox News, Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, a minority American, stated that he wanted to see President Trump reelected in November, because of “his leadership and getting things done.” Then, when asked why he, a Democrat, would vote for the other party’s candidate, he answered, “Because I put my country before the party.”

Rep. Jones courageously rose above political partisanship for the good of the USA and its people — something that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi obviously would never do, if you have followed her behavior for the past three-plus years.

And think about what some great Democrat past leaders, such as President John F. Kennedy, President Harry S. Truman and House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill, would say about her keeping the House of Representatives at home instead of assembling and working with the Senate to help the American people struggling in this pandemic emergency. And, yes, she still gets her full pay staying home without working. Nice job.

Without this COVID-19 situation, I do believe that President Trump would have overwhelmingly won reelection. Speaker Pelosi hopes that things don’t get back to the great economy we had under Trump before the election and will continue stalling to help defeat Trump.

However, I think the American people are smart enough to go along with him anyway to Make America Great Again. It is hard to believe that anyone would think that Joe Biden is capable of handling a real emergency.

I rest my case.

Peter W. Cuthbert

East Moriches


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