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Harmless And Beautiful

I was a year-round resident starting in 1962, relocated to Oregon in 2001, and returned to Southampton as a year-round resident in 2015. Deer are a part of life here — being alert and cautious are key, as many roads are between heavily wooded areas and tall dense hedgerows around residential properties. There are close calls, as well as collisions.

There are roadside signs advising drivers of the presenceof deer along many roads; I recently counted six along Route 24 between the Riverhead traffic circle and Hampton Bays, and several on Route 27 between Hampton Bays and Southampton. These signs should be provided in all similar areas.

Even though ticks will attach themselves to deer, it is questionable that this would result in ticks moving to humans. They are harmless when drivers are on the lookout for roadside signs, as well as conforming to speed limits in all areas where they may be nearby.

Overall, they are harmless and beautiful. We have had the pleasure of seeing a doe and her two fawns in our backyard many times.

Any open spaces and wooded areas under the jurisdiction of the towns and villages could be kept separated from roads, as well as other areas where they may not be found to date.

Peter HendricksonSouthampton Village


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