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Harsh But True

Ron DeSantis’s decision to throw a bunch of Venezualan refugees on a plane and send them to Martha’s Vineyard was the equivalent of his deciding that he had some garbage he needed to get rid of and he was going to send it to a place where rich people would take care of it for him.

DeSantis made no effort to appeal to the large Venezualan community in Florida for help or support for these human beings fleeing from unbearable living conditions. He also made no effort to coordinate with the state of Massachusetts or the town of Martha’s Vineyard so that they could properly care for people whose journey had already been exhausting. Oh yeah, he also lied to the people that he threw on that plane.

He pulled a political stunt, right from the Trump playbook, that was just an awful, hurtful detour for disenfranchised human beings and which became a dehumanizing photo op for them and for our country.

Treating human beings like garbage is not unusual for MAGA Republicans.

Remember when Trump referred to Haiti as a shithole?

Remember how Trump put people in cages at the border?

Remember how Trump promoted both violence and violent rhetoric towards the people in his rallies who disagreed with him?

Remember how Trump teargassed the peaceful demonstrators in Washington, D.C., to get them out of the way so he could do his upside down Bible photo op in front of the church?

No, treating people like garbage is not unusual for MAGA Republicans. If a MAGA Republican has no use for another human, especially if they don’t look like them or don’t think like them, they can just as easily throw them in the trash.

This all may sound harsh, but just because it’s harsh makes it no less true. So if you plan to vote for a MAGA Republican, you’d better be just like them. Otherwise sooner or later, they will treat you like trash.

Paula Angelone

Southampton Village