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Has The Qualities

Please vote for and reelect Kimberly Allan to the Southampton Village Board on September 15.

I have known Kimberly for a number of years. She helped me generously when I asked for information for a presentation I was making to the Southampton Town Board three years ago regarding senior housing.

Kimberly has the qualities required to be on the Board of Trustees. She is honest, listens and reaches out. She returns every call or email in a timely fashion.

As an appointed board member since 2017, Kimberly has worked successfully on many issues important to village residents. I will highlight just one in particular: the gas leaf blower restriction, which was a hot-button issue both for and against. Kimberly worked with all in the community, and each side had to compromise. As a result, the first gas leaf blower restriction on Long Island was passed.

Success is never achieved alone. Please cast your vote for Kimberly Allan on September 15.

Marla W. Schwenk

Sag Harbor


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