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Have A Heart

I have been a volunteer at Heart of the Hamptons for the past six months, and my husband has been on the board for the past four years. Heart of the Hamptons does for this community what any one of us would do for a family member or friend in need. In addition to our food pantry, we also help those struck by tragedy or hardship in whatever form that may be, and we do it all with love, respect and dignity.

There were some concerns brought up at the last Southampton Village Board meeting from residents on Meeting House Lane that seemed like minor issues that could be easily rectified if they cared to discuss them directly with the board of directors of HOH. To me, the real issue isn’t about traffic or dormers or garbage pick-up. The real issue is that these residents don’t want the Heart of the Hamptons in their neighborhood.

I think they are making a mistake. I believe they will scarcely notice our existence, just like the residents of Hill Street have not for the last 30 years.

If a handful of residents on Meeting House Lane cannot stomach a 1,700-square-foot structure devoted to those less fortunate then what does that say about them and the Village of Southampton? Does it have a heart or not?

That answer rests with the Village Board. I implore the village trustees to once again approve our existence in the heart of Southampton.

Thank you.

Jennifer Hattrick