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He Needs To Go

I have to agree with an earlier letter writer who said Phil Keith needs to go. Phil Keith is no Conservative. In fact, he’s just a continuum of all the other liberal writers employed by the Express News Group. It would be really nice to see a real Conservative writer, but we know that’s never going to happen. We only get one voice and its always the same.

Phil always goes on a diatribe of how bad Trump is and puts his spin on everything but backs them with no facts. His most recent Founding Fathers column [“Only A Test … Or Is It?” Mostly Right, Opinion, August 6] was just a word salad of his continuing hate For President Trump.

If Phil wants to know why us “Deplorables” voted for DJT, here’s why.

As president, he has renegotiated a significant trade deal with China, along with Europe, that will help American workers. He renegotiating NAFTA, which everyone said he couldn’t get done. Deregulated the energy sector, where we are now energy independent. He has virtually stopped the daily deluge at the border — again, a win for American workers.

He is a staunch supporter of Israel and put a new embassy in Jerusalem. He told the World Health Organization to pound salt after botching its investigation regarding the virus and the real threat that it could impose on the world. You do remember that when Trump stopped travel from China on January 25, he was mocked by virtually every single Democrat, including Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, and now we have over 32,000 dead in New York State. Can you imagine if they cooperated just a little how different this might have played out?

Our Democratic-led cities are now in total chaos, and yet we’re not suppose to believe their leadership has anything to do with this chaos?

We have less than 90 days before the election, and the only candidate that the Democrats could come up with is Joe Biden, whose cognitive decline is so obvious that it’s scary. He’s been hiding in his basement, hoping COVID-19 can keep him there so he doesn’t have to debate Trump, and even The New York Times makes up stories to allow him to back out of debates, as if that would be the honorable thing to do rather then acknowledge our sitting president. He has clearly been the most Conservative president since Ronald Reagan.

A real Conservative would speak out about this, but not Phil Keith.

I know a Conservative when I read one, and Phil Keith is no Conservative.

Thomas M. Jones

Sag Harbor


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