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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I’m not an activist, rabble-rouser or normally a complainer. I’m an older, retired American living on a fixed income trying to make ends meet — but every time I get them to meet, somebody moves the ends.

What is happening to the America I know and love? Our children are being slaughtered in supposedly safe places, our schools (recently in Texas, by an 18-year-old unable to buy alcohol but able to purchase an assault rifle), friends out shopping, never come home; babies are hungry, needing formula; fuel prices for transportation and homes are soaring; food prices have doubled; and recently our health benefits are being threatened. Our cost of living benefits do not match these rising costs.

The paltry interest we are paid by thriving banks/investments are absorbed in taxes we pay. Speaking of taxes, large, prosperous corporations are given exorbitant tax breaks, while homeowners’ taxes continue to climb. Almost every bill has an added surcharge. What’s wrong with that picture?

We’re afraid to take public transportation: planes, for fear of being blown out of the skies; subways, for fear of attackers; walking city streets, for fear of mugging. Venues of entertainment have been terrorized — not even our houses of worship are safe — and we must have home alarm systems for fear of break-ins. Scams are rampant. Where is our safe place?

We send billions of dollars to other countries, allow them to buy up our cities, give free education and allow those who have accumulated educational debt an eraser, while those in the past who worked hard to pay back that debt are wondering, why?

Many who have committed criminal acts are allowed to remain free. There doesn’t seem to be any consequences.

We have thousands of undocumented people who work for cash, not paying a dime in taxes and yet get free health care, supplemental allowances, housing, even some Social Security benefits, not earned.

Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our roads and bridges are a nightmare. We have homeless and hungry. Many of our veterans needing assistance are treated poorly. The very people who fought to allow us our freedoms. Why? In this country, there should be enough housing, food and medical care for all Americans, but we’re giving it away.

Who’s paying for this? You guessed it — those of us who are struggling to meet all our obligations, working or retired, doesn’t matter.

In closing, it appears we are becoming a little more fearful for so many reasons — perhaps we’ll be less warm this winter, staying closer to home, worrying how much longer we’ll be able to keep our homes and even experiencing hunger.

What a shame.

Virginia Gilmore