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He’ll Fight For Us

I endorse Joe McLoughlin wholeheartedly for trustee of Southampton Village and fervently hope that all of us who care about the future of our treasured village and about the rule of law will vote for him for trustee of our village this September.

Fallon McLoughlin’s letter [“The Right Leadership,” Letters, July 2] expressed all the same sentiments and individual views that I have long treasured in her brother, Joseph, one of the most splendid young men I have met not only in this village but anywhere.

He and I have been friends, across the generations, for a number of years, and there are several issues about this village on which we disagree. But we are not disagreeable about it. Furthermore, Joe has two qualities for a trustee that I value above all others: Joe is absolutely, totally honest, and beholden to no one.

Joe is also willing to listen to other views, and he inevitably does his homework to find out whether the other opinion should a) confirm his contrary opinion, or b) have him reconsider his own views and possibly change them. What more can you possibly ask for in a leader?

Joe is also very hardworking on behalf of the residents of this village. I do not recall any meeting of the village regulatory boards where Joe was not present, sitting fairly far in the back, whether out of his charming modesty or in order not to disturb others if he had to leave before the end of the session.

Please do not mistake his quiet demeanor and his courteous manner as a sign that he may avoid confrontation. Not at all: When the well-being of this village, its charmed way of life, and the rights and wishes of its residents are concerned, all the varying constituents of our Board of Trustees, Joe will fight, fairly, resolutely and without any hindsight to persons to whom others might be beholden. No special interest can sway this young leader from doing what is right, honorable, honest and in the interest of our cherished Southampton Village.

Joe is indeed beholden: He is beholden to our Southampton Village, to its residents, to all the constituents of our Board of Trustees, not to special interests, and to all those who make our village and our way of life everything worth fighting for.

That’s Joe: He’ll fight for what we want and for what is best and most desirable for our village.

I can’t wait to vote for him. I can’t think of any candidate, present or in the past two decades, who has so totally won my support and my trust.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law

Southampton Village


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