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Hideous Glow

Regarding “Will State Allow Access?” [“Officials Offer Details About Proposed Shinnecock Gas Station and Travel Plaza,” 27east.com, February 14]: As a 70-plus-year visitor to and resident of eastern Long Island, I have regularly traveled Sunrise Highway/Route 27 over those years.

My initial reaction to the two large electronic billboards erected by the Shinnecock Nation was first of shock, and, second, of disgust. For anyone traveling down Route 27, lined with green trees and the smattering of informative road signs, to see these hideous glowing structures that are totally out of character with their surroundings, I was stunned.

Yes, I am versed with the “sovereign nation” mode of the Shinnecock, but to roll over and allow such a rural blight without a fight, and now further expansion on the horizon, I vote no. For those people who claim to be good neighbors, they have a strange way of showing their neighborly spirit with such construction.

I encourage our town, county and state officials to move to preserve the rural landscape along Route 27 as we had known it for years.

Walter Jones