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Honored To Serve

The May 13 article titled “State Comptroller’s Office Says Southampton Village Indeed Pierced Tax Cap” thankfully lays to rest any doubt that, under previous administrations, the village did, in fact, pierce the tax cap, repeatedly, despite what some former elected officials may claim.

Piercing the tax cap was hugely problematic for our village. Worst of all, it allowed previous administrations to tax residents hundreds of thousands of dollars above the cap. That is why, over the last two years, I have made lowering taxes, reducing waste and increasing transparency my top priorities. Working with the board and our village administrator, we have gotten results, including the first tax reduction in over 20 years.

The fact that former village officials denied piercing the tax cap so publicly and so vehemently — when the record was as clear as day — tells us everything we need to know about where their priorities lie: with themselves and their own reputation, not the village.

That is why I first ran for office — to put the village first. And that’s why I’m running for reelection, so we can continue to make progress on issues that matter to all residents: lower taxes, less wasteful spending, historic preservation, a cleaner environment, and transparency.

I would be honored to have your vote and continue to serve you all.

Gina S. Arresta


Arresta is a member of the Southampton Village Board — Ed.