House Fire Doused In Springs Tuesday Morning - 27 East

House Fire Doused In Springs Tuesday Morning

author on Feb 23, 2016
Firefighters from the East Hampton, Springs and Amagansett fire departments doused a blaze that engulfed the side of a house on Three Mile Harbor Road on Tuesday morning.The fire broke... more

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A Bad Move

President Trump’s State of the Union Address was a home run with the bases loaded! Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up the text of President Trump’s speech reminded me of a spoiled child not getting its way. To me, it showed her frustration in knowing that President Trump has improved the lives of millions of Americans — less unemployment, higher wages, fewer welfare and food stamp recipients, greater border security, less regulations, cut taxes. None of which her previous administration ever achieved. I believe Nancy Pelosi damaged her reputation and possibly hurt the Democrats’ chances of defeating President Trump in November’s presidential ... 25 Feb 2020 by Staff Writer

Less Is More

I wanted to applaud the Southampton Village Board and mayor for funding the purchase of a new modern fire truck at the Thursday, February 13, board meeting. This is the perfect example of the phrase “less is more,” as the new truck is smaller, more nimble, more viable on flag lots and, accordingly, also more economical, at a price tag of below $515,000. Moreover, I also wanted to thank and applaud all members of the Southampton Fire Department, as well as Chief Anthony Stevens, 1st Assistant Chief Alfred Callahan III and 2nd Assistant Chief Emmanuel Escobar. The entire fire department ... by Staff Writer

Fond Memories

I really enjoyed Jim Marquardt’s article on the Watchcase factory saving Sag Harbor [“Looking Back: When the Watchcase Saved Sag Harbor,”, January 3]. The history of Fahys and Bulova were very informative. The part about Fahys recruiters hiring engravers on Ellis Island and sending them directly to Sag Harbor was interesting, considering the current feelings about immigrants today. My father began working for Bulova in the summer of 1940 as an apprentice tool and die maker. He enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard in 1942 and returned to Bulova in 1946. Dad worked for Bulova for 42 years and ... by Staff Writer

Quick Response

For several weeks now, I have personally scrubbed and removed at least a dozen “tags” of graffiti in and around Southampton Village. On Wednesday evening, while I was walking past Fellingham’s, the same tag — “DIP” — was graffitied onto a white fence in clear view for everyone to see as you enter the public parking lot next door to the restaurant. This time, though, the tag was spray-painted much larger and more vibrant. This vandal is becoming more emboldened — and, from my experience in law enforcement, if this destruction of property isn’t addressed sooner, rather then later, our ... by Staff Writer

A Great Job

Wow! Our library was awarded an American Star designation from the Library Journal [“Westhampton Free Library Receives American Star Designation From The Library Journal,”, February 11]. This is due to the leadership of Danielle Waskiewicz. She guides her staff in working very hard to meet the needs of a diverse, growing and sophisticated population. She truly understand how our village works. Thanks for doing such a great job! James L. Fogarty Remsenburg by Staff Writer

Follow The Money

Who, exactly, is picturing a new Hampton Bays [“Press Sessions Discussion Explores The Future Of Hampton Bays And Its Downtown,”, February 12]? The business owners make mention of “foot traffic” so much that it makes me wonder who will profit most. Question: Who is the biggest stakeholder on Main Street in Hampton Bays? It is Southampton Town, of course. It is a money takeaway. First, on Main Street, there are two-hour time limits for parking, and no parking on all residential streets. Got to write a summons or tow away for that? Southampton Town gets the money. Next, all ... by Staff Writer

War In The Heavens

A while back, Newsday ran a story with the headline “Trump’s ‘Space Force’ could offer opportunity for LI firms, officials say.” The article began: “Space is emerging as a potential battlefield and a potential opportunity for Long Island companies, an Air Force official is expected to tell a gathering of aerospace and defense contractors.” It said that “Col. Shawn Barnes, assistant vice commander of U.S. Air Force Space Command, is scheduled to address a meeting of ADDAPT, a trade organization that advocates for Long Island defense and aerospace companies.” It said that, “according to an advance copy of a presentation,” ... by Staff Writer

Never Be Silent

Dear Vered [“Freedom Of Speech,” Letters, February 20]: While I agree with you that every American, under the First Amendment, has the right of free speech, and that the action of the police, from what I saw on the video, was way out of line, this did not give you the right to interfere with the other paying moviegoers. After making your point, you were asked to leave — which is what you should have done. There are legal means at hand, with which you could address this problem at a later date. I am also of the Jewish faith, ... 24 Feb 2020 by Staff Writer

Dolls And Love

Since I am away from Bridgehampton in my South Carolina home, I will miss the exhibition of Sam Johnson’s collection of black memorabilia, including the 15 dolls at the Rogers Memorial Library [“African American Rag Dolls On Display At Rogers Memorial Library In Southampton For Black History Month,”, February 4]. My most cherished possession of my childhood was a doll purchased by my mother, to shut me up, on a train trip from Penn Station to Clearwater Beach in 1948. At a brief stop in Georgia, mother bolted off the train and bought my doll from a peddler at ... by Staff Writer

Someone Must Pay

The recycling crisis reported in this week’s edition [“Southampton Town Seeks Bids To Lower Costs Associated With Disposing Recyclable Materials,”, February 18] needs rethinking. Just because China no longer wants those materials doesn’t mean it shouldn’t continue. Recycling needs to be paid for like any other service. The companies who produce the cardboard, paper, glass and metal, and the people who use them, should be paying whatever the costs are. The need to control our waste is a big issue and is not going away. Brian Oleary Southampton by Staff Writer

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