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Housing Needed

Recently, both my husband and I had to wait three days before our prescriptions were filled at a local pharmacy. Although neither of us was in a life-threatening situation, we found it surprising and unprofessional.

When I asked our pharmacist whether he thought it would help with the staff shortage if I contacted the chain’s national headquarters, he replied: “No, they won’t do anything. How can they get anyone to travel two hours just to get to work out here?”

His response was typical of many business owners.

This letter is being written while I am at a nail salon. The gentleman who just helped me lives in Queens. Needless to say, he does not take public transportation to go back and forth each day.

To reiterate what everyone is saying, the East End needs to offer affordable housing to workers in many fields. We are all for YIMBY and will be happy to vote yes on the Community Housing Fund referendum in November.

Grania Brolin

Water Mill