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How Does He Do It?

How do you feel, America, being an investor in another one of Trump’s deals? He has made his money off his investors for years. He can sell great — he has good ideas — but he has no third act.

It is a shame for those who have bought in. How does he do it? Who is this man?

He is Svengali, P.T. Barnum and Jim Jones all rolled into one. If you don’t know those names, the first was the famous hypnotist, the second was the greatest showman, and the last was an infamous cult leader who convinced his followers to drink poison.

Trump was a showman for 11 years, watched by millions all over the world: “You’re fired.” He can talk it, but he can’t hear it. Just ask anyone who worked or invested in his businesses, or suppliers who were made promises not kept. Ask most of his bankers about his integrity.

Look at all these first acts that he didn’t finish for the country: China trade, North Korea missiles, COVID control.

I feel sorry for all those who Trump made love him — most of his followers won’t believe what I just said. Please wake up. I know you are angry at our previous governments. I share that anger, but I don’t buy into Trump’s scam.

Here are the most egregious acts of his presidency: Losing four years to help the climate. Meeting the North Korean leader, but instead of ending the nuclear problem, the North Korean leader lost weight and looked pretty good as he watched his missiles fly over the China Sea. The worst was the COVID advice he gave, which made science the enemy. He then shunned masks and never endorsed vaccines, which were developed under his own watch. More than 700,000 Americans died, and if that wasn’t enough damage, he then tried to overturn democracy.

So, you have to ask, how does he do it?

Now we go back to Svengali. In person, he must be the most charming person you have ever met, and he said exactly what you want to hear. You leave his presence walking on air — you are one of the chosen.

When you get out of his office, you go into free fall. Eventually, all he will be able to say is, “The devil made me do it.”

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village