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How To Decide

How To Decide

Today, October 17, the residents of East Quogue get to decide whether or not we get to move forward as an incorporated village. The East Quogue Village Exploratory Committee has spent the better part of two years researching and disseminating the information that we, as residents, need to make an informed decision. We owe these volunteers a debt of gratitude for allowing us to have this important conversation.

I, for one, am convinced that a yes vote is in everyone’s best interest. It protects us now and into the future. We, the residents of East Quogue, deserve the right to determine our future instead of being at the mercy of people who may not have our best interests at heart.

Although the committee has worked hard at providing everyone with as much accurate information in as many forms as possible (including informational meetings, a website, letters to the editor and more), there has been a strong, and anonymous, misinformation campaign perpetrated by one or more of our neighbors.

I’ve heard so many people say that they want to keep the character of East Quogue just as it is. While the formation of a village would go a long way to accomplishing this, the actions of this anonymous person (or persons) is in stark contrast to those ideals that we cherish.

If you oppose incorporation, that’s fine — that’s your right. Hopefully, your decision was made with the help of good research and accurate facts. But to those that have purposefully misinformed our fellow citizens with the anonymous lies and drivel that we have been receiving in the mail and through fliers: Your actions are shameful. The cowardice and lack of integrity shown by this person or persons is repugnant. They have used tactics antithetical to the values that we all claim to desire.

If you are still undecided, and have not voted, I ask you to consider this: Which side has endeavored to answer every question as truthfully and honestly as possible, and which side has used tactics to purposefully misdirect and scare our community?

Polls are open until 9 p.m tonight. Please vote yes.

Harry Mainzer

East Quogue


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