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I Am Not Afraid

Penning this letter is of the most importance.

Debate season is upon us, and we’ve been asked to partake. Excitement, as if you haven’t been reading the papers, Facebook, Twitter, websites and blogs since March, I suppose you don’t know an opposition party exists.

As the debate managers have decided without discussion or conference, we can only do Zoom debates. Unfortunately, this brings up several issues.

I have no reception from home, internet is spotty, even our landline is horrid. I stated to officials, “I would prefer to be in person.” If not, would they be providing us a location to Zoom from? None of the debates are providing us with a spot. We have been told to find one on our own.

LTV is streaming the debate. Why can’t we be there? We can’t social distance? They can’t allow one or two of us on location? They can’t bring a tripod to the American Legion and certainly have enough space for us to be social distanced there?

Are all these registered Democrat opponents not vaccinated? Can’t they wear a mask? They have an unwillingness to lead and be seen in public? I’ve already stated, “If elected, we will be at Town Hall for our constituents, for meetings, for the people’s work! We are the community.” Town employees are at work. Why not the Town Board and those who seek to be on the Town Board?

Blue-collar workers don’t get Zoom employment. I took 14 days off to “flatten the curve” and went right back to work. I see people daily, from all walks of life. It’s 18 months later — you either know how to wash your hands, or continue to live in fear. You may be driven by fear — I’ll be driven by my and our group’s work ethic.

Kathleen Cunningham immediately moved the dates, after stating that she only had two available, to a third for her newly formed Democratic forum. The wish seems to silence the opposition party for the favorites. I did not say I wouldn’t participate — I tried to negotiate, someone else gave you an answer. I suppose that was good enough for you. You didn’t confirm with me directly.

No Zoom debates. “There we have it.” The unwillingness to lead in front, to be seen, to debate, while hiding behind a screen.

I’m off now (Sunday morning) to go help our fire department direct traffic as the Red Knights come through. Outside, in public, no mask, not afraid, living life, seeing people.

November 2, Walles, Aman, Karpinski. “We are the community. The tides are changing.”

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a candidate for East Hampton Town Board on the Republican and Conservative lines — Ed.