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I Am With Her

I am writing to you from Sweden, where my family and I now live. My wife and I lived in Sag Harbor for 35 years. My children went to your school, and I had the honor to serve on the School Board.

Sweden is a small country of 10 million where respect for all is paramount to its national fabric, very similar to what you learn in your elementary school. Sweden is a very strong supporter of human rights and equal opportunity, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Sweden strongly believes there must be actions taken to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

One of Sweden’s finest citizen’s is Greta Thunberg. She is a very special young woman who advocates for government action to solve the global climate crisis. She has spoken at the British House of Commons, the European Parliament, the UN and many other forums. Her message is simple: Our house is on fire and we all need to take action to put the fire out. She urges we all listen to the science.

You, your children, and your children’s children will pay the price for the inaction of my generation. Rising sea levels, greater intensity of life-threatening storms, and forced migrations due to failing agriculture caused by changing weather patterns are just a few consequences of our inaction to reduce carbon dioxide levels.

There is a climate strike on Friday, September 20. Are you participating? Are you aware it is taking place and why? I suggest you search for “Greta Thunberg” on the internet. Please listen to what she has to share. To me, she is the most heroic of teenagers. I am so proud to live in her country and support her beliefs and admire her commitment to the science.

You, the young people of Sag Harbor, and the world, have the power to force our politicians to take notice. You will be able to vote soon. Please let those in office and running for office know you will not support anyone who does not recognize that our house is on fire, and it is their job to put forward legislation to mitigate the unavoidable consequences of inaction.

I recently canceled a trip to the United States, due to the pollution of jet travel, in order to support Greta’s beliefs and my own. I am with her and sincerely hope you all educate yourselves, your families and your friends to Greta’s message.

Walter WilcoxenFunäsdalen, Sweden


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