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If Only

If he only did nothing … if he only kept his mouth shut.

The scientists would have led the way with our coronavirus response, and the debacle of our national response could have mirrored Canada, Germany or a host of other successful nations.

If only he hadn’t reversed more than 100 protections under the umbrella of the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture and Department of the Interior, as well as removing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, we would be much better situated as a nation to deal with the catastrophic results of climate change, like the unending wildfires, hurricanes and sea level rise.

If only he had left the Affordable Care Act alone, rather than peddling an unending litany of lies about his “beautiful and cheap replacement,” 7 million Americans would not have lost their health insurance since he took office.

If only he hadn’t given an enormous tax break to the already enormously wealthy 0.1 percent, we would not have the increasing wealth disparity, the engorged and out-of-control national debt, and the lack of taxable funds to undertake any major infrastructure projects.

If only he had kept his oversized mouth shut in 2015 in New York City, instead of declaring his candidacy …

Vote like you life depends on it!

Pete Reyer

East Quogue


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