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I’ll Be Watching

It has been educational and disappointing to observe this 2020 presidential election process!

This not the first time I have been here, as far as the supposed winner. I remember several years ago going to bed with the results of “the winner,” and awakening the next morning to a whole different individual as president!

My point: Regardless of how I felt about those results, I didn’t die or leave the country (not famous enough for anyone to notice, let alone miss me). So, I stayed put, kept working, and was often dismayed at many governmental decisions, but fell into step conforming to the regulations imposed. To be honest, I was so busy working I didn’t have much time, let alone much interest in the workings of Washington.

9/11 was a major wakeup call for me: I began researching history, that hadn’t been altered or erased, to try to “catch up” on how or why this could have happened. The hatred I uncovered for the United States was shocking, to say the least. What really got my attention was, going forward, how intricate and planned the retaliation would be — and there was no rush!

It disturbs me to realize I didn’t pay enough attention on a regular weekly basis to Walter Cronkite or John Cameron Swayze, but I know being “more aware” wouldn’t have changed a thing. So, just like the rest of America, I went on living my daily life, annoyed about some governmental intrusions, but seemingly so small they were acceptable, or at least manageable.

So, here I am currently, a senior citizen observing, as well as participating, as always, in the election process, and my guy doesn’t seem to be in the lead. So I have three thoughts to share.

1. The Contender had 47 years as a politician, in which he accomplished “what” of value for our country and citizens? (Lined his own pockets and those of his family, possibly?)

2. In all those 47 years, I need to dig deeper to see how his ineffectiveness might have damaged my country (not me personally).

3. If he failed to do anything fruitful and positive for my country in 47 years as a politician, as well as vice president, just how much damage can he do in four years as a president that we cannot survive? That’s a bit of a scary thought, but try to remember, I am coming from years of survival through many administrations that I didn’t always like or agree with.

I, as one voter, will be watching you, Joe, and if your incapacities overwhelm you, I know it’s terminal, regardless of who else gets a chance on your swing. Four and no more!

Sharon Botto, CNHC

Sag Harbor


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