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Illegal Behavior

During the May 9 Southampton Village Board meeting, I criticized Bill Manger and his trustees for their refusal to eliminate post-service lifetime benefits, granting themselves pay raises, and a contentious zoning code change. This zone change was pushed through, clearly violating New York State law, which mandates an additional public hearing if any changes are made to the original proposed local law.

Mr. Manger responded with a tirade, complete with yelling, pointing and aggressive gesticulations. His behavior was so unsettling that even Gina Arresta, whom The Southampton Press called “combative” in a 2020 editorial, intervened to calm him down.

Mr. Manger’s conduct not only lacked civility but was also incorrect legally. According to Municipal Home Rule Law Section 20, any alterations to a proposed local law require renoticing and an additional public hearing, procedures that were illegally bypassed. The Division of Local Government Services, part of the New York Department of State, also outlines this process.

Southampton Village residents deserve better than this unlawful, vindictive, disrespectful administration.

David Rung

Southampton Village