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Important Role

We hear a lot these days about climate change and the environmental challenges we are facing today, and the greater threats in the not-too-distant future. These threats are real, especially here on Long Island. With a growing population, a desire for economic development and the absolute need to maintain the health of our communities, environmental issues are particularly challenging and complex.

I think many Southampton residents would be surprised to know that the town has a governmental body specifically dedicated to protecting our waterways, including our bays, beaches, ponds, rivers, streams, surface water and marine environment: It’s the Southampton Town Board of Trustees. It was established in 1686. It predates the U.S. Constitution by nearly 100 years!

The role of the Board of Trustees may be more important now than at any time in the past 335 years. For that reason, I urge Southampton residents to vote for the Democratic candidates running for Town Trustee. They are incredibly well qualified and committed to preserving the waterways, supporting our maritime industries, and our access and use of the waterways.

The Democratic candidates include Captain Andy Brosman, who has been the captain of various marine research vessels for Stony Brook Southampton for the past decade and has dedicated his career to studying and preserving the marine environment. He would bring extensive experience and knowledge of the latest science to the Board of Trustees.

Another exceptionally well-qualified candidate is Martha Reichert, an attorney who has served as counsel to the Southampton Board of Trustees and whose family has been in maritime business for many years.

Will Peckham is also one of our valued candidates; his knowledge and experience as an oyster farmer and his commitment to water quality enhancement can further expand the board’s capacity.

Lastly, Ann Welker and Bill Pell are current Trustees; they have demonstrated their knowledge and commitment to Southampton through their service and deserve to continue to serve as Trustees.

Our communities count on all of us to elect Trustees who are both well qualified and committed to protect and preserve the Southampton Town waterways and communities in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Edward Salsberg

East Quogue