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In A Bubble

The liberal media chose to ignore what was the biggest foreign policy achievement by a U.S. president this century.

The Trump State Department broke the stalemate in the Middle East. It brokered a recognition and normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates and the state of Israel. Barely recognizing the significance of such a significant change in alignment for this part of the world, CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times preferred to continue their anti-Trump propaganda campaign without interruption. The accomplishment was dismissed only because Donald Trump deserved credit for it.

This is about the way your news is being filtered to you. They embrace Joe Biden as the “anti-Trump.” He is goodness. Phil Keith called him the “Tom Sawyer” candidate. What a whitewash for a hapless 47 years in office, almost a half century of being on the wrong side of most major issues.

Without legislative accomplishment, he now is in a bubble created by this same media that will not challenge him with the questions an independent press should ask. In public, he is totally scripted, using a teleprompter so he won’t trip over himself.

Is the hatred that the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media have for Trump allow for a healthy comparison of word and deed? Trump in one term has secured our border, lowered our taxes, reduced excessive regulation, confronted China’s world expansion economically and geopolitically, reshaped the Middle East by aligning Israel and its Arab neighbors against the Iranian expansion, grew our economy and employed more Americans including women and minorities than had been thought possible, supported the Ukraine against Russia, and rebuilt a neglected military, all while being slandered by Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler. Compared in real terms, Biden is the definition of an empty suit.

A word about Lee Zeldin: His record advocating for our district is outstanding. His only sin is supporting the president’s agenda for prosperity.

When the Democrats used every opportunity to sabotage the presidency, Lee Zeldin did not shrink from the challenge. He defended his party, its priorities and its leader.

That loyalty deserves reelection.

Ed Surgan



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