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In Case You Missed It

In case you only get your news from one of our liberal news sources on TV or in print, I’d like to inform you of a few stories you probably won’t see emphasized or even, in some cases, mentioned.

The rising violent crime wave plaguing our major cities has resulted in a 30 percent increase in murder. Try to find a Democrat mayor or public official who will connect this epidemic in social violence to their positions on law enforcement and social justice.

The difficult job of establishing a civil society that had been implemented in New York City and other cities through thorough policing of crime-ridden neighborhoods was abandoned, along with the prosecution and jailing of felons, by progressive-minded prosecutors. This wave of so-called reform stemmed from the nationally televised riots (excuse me — I meant “demonstrations”) that gutted private businesses and assaulted the law enforcement sent to protect public and private property.

The high point of the progressive war on civil society occurred when President Trump was lambasted for clearing the streets near the White House to disperse a crowd that the night before had burned a public bathroom and part of a church while inflicting harm on our Capitol Police. Compare this to the ongoing prosecution of participants in the January 6 demonstration. It speaks volumes as to what the media and Democrats are interested in. “The Insurrection” will be the object of derision and self-righteous scorn by House Marxists that only approve of their own riots that are self-serving excuses for lawlessness and anarchy.

You judge for yourself whether images of government acquiescence in our cities, in contrast to what the hated President Trump demanded, has led us to police departments unwilling to maintain a lawful environment because their municipal officials have become social engineers rather than managers tasked with making our cities productive and safe for its citizens.

The unacknowledged border crisis you have not been informed of has finally forced our idiot vice president to take notice and do more than smugly chuckle about it. The tidal wave of illegal immigration that our media has willfully mostly ignored has forced state governments on our border to do the constitutionally mandated job of protecting our border.

What sense did it make to have Americans locked up, out of work, socially distanced and masked for a year, to then open our borders to un-American, unemployed, unmasked, untested and unlimited illegal aliens? Immigration is supposed to be managed to benefit the citizens of this country. It is our right as citizens to take those we choose to accept into our country, not just anyone trying to sneak in.

Ed Surgan

Westhampton Beach