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In Denial

What are Democrats running on these days? It would appear that the Trump piñata is their entire purpose.

This effort to distract attention from their myriad failures as the party in power is aided and abetted by the mainstream media, who are reporting as if they were blindfolded. But it is impossible to hide from the problems they have visited upon the American people.

The destruction of our basis for energy independence was at the top of their agenda. Clinging to their climate change claptrap, Democrats pulled the plug on our fossil fuel abundance in favor of a theoretical boost toward alternative energy.

This utopian pipe dream is structurally unsound. The facts are that without energy production generated from engines running on fossil fuel, we will be woefully short of the electricity to keep the lights on. Solar and wind are fine — when there is sun and wind. Absent these sources, we sleep in the dark. We also don’t get to charge our new prohibitively expensive electric cars and trucks — cars with batteries built with materials currently controlled by our No. 1 adversary, China. Democrat leadership has committed us to a path that makes us dependent on the very nations that seek our nullification, if not outright demise.

And for you climate fanatics, if we, here, all converted to electric vehicles right now, we might change global temperature 0.0002 to 0.0004 degrees. Thats ten-thousandths of a degree.

Have you been frustrated lately with weather predictions? Well, don’t be too hard on them. Our most advanced computers are capable of predictions that extend out about two weeks. So much for the reliability of climate prediction.

When John Kerry runs around telling you the sky is falling, think hard about giving his arguments any serious consideration.

Likewise, when President Joe Biden promoted his Inflation Reduction Act, he said it would do just that. Wrong. But it will spend billions of your tax dollars promoting his climate agenda, which is designed by the globalists in his party to weaken America. The climate is changing, but science based on economic realities tells us we are better off adapting to change, not standing foolishly in its way, only to utterly destroy our economy.

Paula Angelone, who no longer flaunts her Ph.D., needs treatment for Trump derangement syndrome [“Harsh But True,” Letters, September 22]. But her anger at being exposed for the hypocrite she is over the sending of 50 illegals to a playground of the rich is of concern. Did she have the same concern over the thousands who have died trying to come here or the thousands who have died of Fentanyl smuggled over our open border?

Indeed, who is in more deep denial than Democrats?

Ed Surgan