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In It Together

On behalf of all of us here at Group for the East End, I want to express our thanks for The Express News Group coverage of our 50th anniversary. In particular, Michelle Trauring’s recent story [“Group For The East End Celebrates 50 Years Of Advocacy,”, June 2], provided a thorough retrospective on the many community-driven initiatives, challenges and successes that have defined the region’s environmental movement, which, even after 30 years in the trenches, has left me with a sense of hope.

Ms. Trauring’s article reminded me how each and every hard-won environmental achievement, has been the combined product of good ideas, passionate public support, strong community leaders, and a broadly held conviction that this wonderful place is not destined to become just anyplace. There is no single organization or individual that can accomplish any of this alone, but, rather, we are in it together and we succeed together, and that’s what gives me hope.

We are also fortunate to have local news media that has long recognized and covered the significance of environmental and land use decisions to our future quality of life, our economic viability, and our ultimate sustainability as a fragile coastal community stuck 80 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Robert DeLuca

Group for the East End