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In The Dark

By the time this letter appears, the issue may be a fait de accompli by the the town’s Parks Department.

On Friday, April 30, an official notice was stapled to a post at the Hampton West Park facility announcing that an application had been made to the Zoning Board of Appeals concerning relief from the requirements Chapter 3430-346I.6.A and a few other incomprehensible statutes, and also announced that there would be a “video conference” on May 6 about the issue. At no time was this legal double-talk expressed in English as to what this was, nor were there instructions as to how to join this video conference.

So, what is this all about?

Fortunately, a neighbor near the park told us the town wishes to install lights at the ball field so games came be played at night. It’s not clear if the soccer fields will also get lights, as they get portable lights in the fall.

So with six days of advance notice and no instructions as to how to participate, the town looks to push this on the neighborhood without its input.

This is typical of how, over the years, the town has treated Hampton West Estates. We are the last to know. There is a proposal to convert Coast Guard housing across the street from us to privately owned housing, and no one in town government has responded to our requests for information. But that’s another story for another day.

As for the lights, as president of our local residents association, a quick tally of our trustees voted to oppose lights at the park.

We are thrilled to see the facility used; we are thrilled to see the area’s youth playing baseball and soccer. We are not thrilled by the traffic and parking issues this brings. The facility is overused as it is now. The town makes some effort to control parking, but the fact is there are too many cars running too many stop signs and narrowing the passageway on the streets.

As for the noise, my house is at least a good half mile from the facility — and I can hear every time a goal is scored. Now, that’s not a big deal, in the sense that it’s great that our youth have the chance to play sports. But it’s quite different from a Saturday afternoon to hear this and a Friday night.

In conclusion, the Hampton West Estates Residents Association opposes night lighting. The town is negligent in that it didn’t even ask us our opinion.

Forest Markowitz

Westhampton Beach


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