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In The Game

Game, set, match.

Spring is in the air and that means local elections are now in play. I am grateful for being elected to serve on the Southampton Village Board of Trustees, and I have had many wonderful encounters and experiences, which is why I am running again.

I have also, unfortunately, witnessed firsthand the backstabbing and hypocrisy that seems to have engulfed all levels of government, even here. I sometimes feel that we have descended into a real-life version of “Lord of the Flies,” where dissension is not tolerated and information has been withheld or weaponized.

Currently, the village is operating with no police chief, rushing through changes to the village code, and trying to put into effect a local law without considering its need or consequences — no warning or sufficient information given to the public — and hoping to have it turned into legislation on the basis of only one public hearing and releasing several drafts of the law, further confusing the public.

This current way of governing has to change now! If it does not, we are in danger of losing the public trust.

With every vote that I cast as a trustee, I have always tried to keep in mind: how it will affect the public, and is it for the greater good?

If I’m fortunate enough to be reelected to serve a second term as your trustee, I pledge to all the residents to implement and prioritize the recommendations of the new Master Plan. I will put forth a resolution that any local law or proposed code change have a minimum of two public hearings, and that the public is made part of the process and informed in a timely manner.

I also will continue to advocate for zoning integrity and codes that reflect the historic character of the village while respecting the need for growth and change.

I have chosen to run on the new party of Preserve The Village.

I respect the oath I took and hope all the others lucky enough to serve on the Village Board will do so as well. I am a proponent of open government, which means sharing information, which means free access to information, and public participation and vetting the actions we propose that affect our residents’ lives.

Joseph R. McLoughlin


Village of Southampton