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Incredibly Clear

If you are wondering who to vote for in the congressional race in District 1, the choice is incredibly clear.

Nancy Goroff, a former science professor at Stony Brook University, sees our environment through the eyes of a scientist. She understands how fragile our waterways are and has the data that show we are approaching the point of no return on carbon emissions.

Dr. Goroff’s opponent is one of the chief cheerleaders of the current administration in Washington, D.C., which is opening our precious lands in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge to oil drilling, has left the Paris Climate Agreement, and questions the scientists who are trying to lead us out of this terrible pandemic.

We have also learned that Mr. Zeldin has been part of the president’s traveling mask-less roadshow, and we hope he won’t meet the same fate as our commander-in-chief.

Whether running a farm, a bank or a plumbing company, every decision is based on science and math. Why is our incumbent congressman part of the anti-science regime? It doesn’t make sense.

Mitch Mayer



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