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Independent Leader

On Friday morning, July 30, I received a phone call stating that the filing deadline for petitions was at the end of business that very same day! This was contrary to the filing dates, which were publicly posted on the Southampton Village website, and caused unnecessary chaos.

While it was a fight to the finish, all candidates were able to submit petitions on time to be placed on the ballot. Based on a culmination of 2019 election irregularities, as well as this posted incorrect petition deadline, I have been inspired to explore the opportunity for our village to consider working more with the Suffolk County Board of Elections. This partnership will ensure proper decorum and compliance with our election.

My opinion of a partnership with the Board of Elections may not be shared by everyone on the Village Board, but at the end of the day advancing ideas in the face of adversity is what makes a strong, independent leader.

As a trustee, I will continue to take these types of stands because I am independent, previously ran as an independent in the past, and worked with all parties to find the best solutions possible. If you have any doubts about my independence and ability to lead, do me a favor and please make up your own mind by taking a look at my submitted petitions, reviewing my board appointment to the Village Planning Commission and exactly who made and voted on such recommendation, my voting record while serving on the Planning Commission, and all of my past letters to this paper. Following proper due diligence, please feel free to make your own conclusion.

I often wonder if all the other candidates and officials can demonstrate through action and not word alone that they have the same track record?

It is not enough anymore to just be an independent thinker, but, rather, an independent leader who can drive and deliver change. Anyone who knows me will say I have the knowledge and temperament to do just that.

I welcome any and all challengers, as well as fruitful discourse on issues, because I know at the end of the day the voters of Southampton Village will vote for candidates who will do what is right for the village … and not what is easy.

That said, I hope I have your vote on September 15, and feel free to message me at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Joseph R. McLoughlin

Southampton Village

Mr. McLoughlin is a candidate for Southampton Village Board — Ed.


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