Inevitable Tragedy - 27 East


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Inevitable Tragedy

I knew of the accident from seven states away as soon as I awoke this morning. All day long I’ve asked myself, why? Why does it have to take a horrific accident in which five young lives are lost, and a young woman lies in critical condition, for the dangerous curve we all know too well to gain notoriety?

While I cannot be sure that the outcome of this fatal accident might have been different, I am certain that I do not need an engineering degree to know that bright yellow reflective paint, lane divider reflectors, a longer series of curve signs eastbound and westbound, as well as updated flashing lights in both the westbound and eastbound lanes of Montauk Highway would aid drivers in negotiating the curve on Montauk Highway and Quogue Street, eastbound and westbound, and might have changed the fate of those young people.

I’ll never forget the Village of Quogue trustees meeting of easily 10 years ago, when the danger of this curve was discussed, the consensus being: don’t turn onto Quogue Street from the westbound lane of Montauk Highway, don’t turn onto the westbound lane of Montauk Highway from Quogue Street.

We need to do better, and in some small way we all are responsible for the tragedy of Saturday evening, because we knew a head-on collision was inevitable.

Marilyn DiCarlo-Ames