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Informed Choice

Election Day, November 8, is less than two months away, and it is time for the voters of Congressional District 1 to consider the candidates and make an informed decision.

I am writing to urge my fellow residents to support a uniquely gifted candidate, Bridget Fleming, for Congress. She has taken a stand on the issues that I believe to be in our best interests. I ask you, the voter, to consult the website

Bridget Fleming is a former prosecutor and Southampton Town councilwoman who has spent her career standing up for us, Long Island residents.

As a retired physician, I am most concerned with issues that are critical to both the public health and individual wellness. Here, Ms. Fleming excels. She supports a health care system that will work for all. She strongly believes that it is Congress’s responsibility to strengthen the Affordable Care Act. She supports a public option, seeks to tackle soaring premiums, end surprise billing and lower prescription drug costs.

Furthermore she supports our health care workers by seeking to provide standards that will protect them as well as us, the general public, when we interface with the health care system.

Bridget Fleming will be a strong voice in Congress to protect the reproductive rights of women. Access to birth control and decisions regarding pregnancy are under attack. Decisions regarding health care should be made by the patient and their health care provider. Male-dominated governing bodies at state or federal levels have no right to prevent women from making their own health care decisions.

Bridget Fleming will be a strong voice for a woman’s right to choose and will fight to codify Roe.

Health and well-being is intimately connected to our environment. Clean water and air, and fighting the adverse impact of climate change, has long been a top priority of Ms. Fleming here in Suffolk County.

The health and well-being of seniors and veterans are intimately tied to programs such as Social Security, Medicare and veterans’ benefits. She will be a strong voice to protect these programs from efforts to roll back, defund or privatize.

Bridget Fleming will stand for you, the residents of Congressional District 1. She has demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle as her positions reflect common sense, a love of country and, most of all, a strong desire to represent all of us across the spectrum.

I urge you to exercise the most important right we have as Americans.

Get the information you need, make an informed choice and vote on November 8.

Martin Markowitz