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Infrastructure Paralysis

I’m glad to see that Congress may be on the road to pass a big infrastructure funding bill.

I think everyone can agree that this county is need of it. But I have my doubts, based on observation, that much of the approved funding will ever be spent on infrastructure upgrades.

Consider the wind farm installation. Alternate power — good idea. Wind turbines — proven technology, also good. Citizens, who will end up benefiting from it, endlessly delay the project and luckily didn’t shut it down completely.

Now it’s a cellphone tower in Springs [“Anger Builds At Springs Cell Tower Proposal,”, July 28]. Do we need it? Yes. Will anyone in business here, or emergency services, disagree? Doubtful.

So what’s the problem? The citizens who will benefit from it.

This country was founded on the idea that the citizens would elect representatives to govern and make decisions for them (for a lot of good reasons). It would be refreshing if our elected officials would just make the decisions on infrastructure projects, and stop asking everyone’s opinion. Sure we have a say — on Election Day, not on every public works project.

Put up the cell tower wherever it will work best. I think the elected officials, engineers, environmental department, health department, etc., can figure it out. If not, replace them.

If we can’t bury a cable, or put up a single tower, how do you think we will put in the infrastructure to move to electric vehicles, or high-speed rail?

Elected officials, local and national, stop asking for consent and get on with what needs to be done, already.

Doug Banfield