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In her letter titled “Vote In November” [Letters, July 1], Barbara Wilson said she has the integrity to ensure justice for all.

Barbara Wilson was found guilty by a State Supreme Court jury of defaming the character of her neighbor. The jury ordered her to pay her neighbor $250,000 for falsely accusing him of being a “sexual predator” and a “sexual pedophile.” This sordid tale doesn’t sound like integrity.

Barbara Wilson, a registered Republican, forced the Democratic primary by going door to door and getting registered Democrats to sign her petition to get on the Democratic line. A number of people said she had tried to dupe them with false and misleading statements … such as “a few Democratic party bosses picked the town justice candidates.”

As one of 84 Democratic Committee members, I can tell you that a committee quorum voted for Adam Grossman and Shari Oster to be our Democratic town justice candidates. It was voted on after careful vetting.

So, once again, the word “integrity” doesn’t come to mind with respect to Barbara Wilson’s questionable petitioning conduct.

In her July 1 letter, she takes swipes at politicians and party politics. However, I must say that she is talking and acting just like a politician: shading the truth, puffing up her noble intentions and waving the flag.

I will close by saying that I completely agree with the title of her letter, “Vote in November.” As a Democrat, I will be voting for Adam Grossman and Shari Oster in November, because I think they are the best candidates. I suspect that many Republicans will be voting for Barbara Wilson on her Republican line. Our candidates didn’t try to “steal” the Republican line from her.

I trust that the voters will fairly judge which candidates have the integrity to serve as our town justices.

Dick Sheehan

Westhampton Beach

Mr. Sheehan is secretary of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee ­— Ed.