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Into The Abyss

The countdown to Biden’s removal from office by the Democrats just started. They knew he was moving toward dementia, and they knew that he was an incompetent person even without it.

Allowing him to serve as the commander in chief puts our country at enormous risk — but the Democrats do not care. It’s power that they want, and their game plan is to get Harris in the top spot in order to expedite the radical changes that they seek. Those changes will destroy our republic, for they are the antithesis of the founding principles of our great nation. The Democrats have been trying to destroy our country for the past 30 years.

That’s why America needed a President like Trump. He was needed to slow down our descent into hell, into the abyss. We needed to “Make America Great Again.” And that’s what we did.

The Democrats surely were not capable of maintaining our republic and, truth be told, nor was the Republican establishment. But we were. President Trump’s accomplishments, each one benefiting our nation, were extraordinary. Given the obstacles arrayed in his path, they become even more incredible.

Biden will never be my president, nor will Kamala Harris when she takes over. Actually, they are not legitimate office-holders, because the election was very suspect. Now, this paper thinks I’m a liar because I say that, but I’m not. It’s another truth the mainstream media chose to ignore, just like the truth that we had riots, mayhem and seditious acts in our cities. They were not, let me emphasize, not so-called “peaceful protests.”

For the record, Russian collusion was a hoax, and so was the election.

Biden’s call for unity is unattainable, because he is going to receive the same amount of cooperation afforded to President Trump — that being none. Does he not realize that, or is he really that deluded? Then again, he believes that he has done great things for our country, when he has done nothing of note in his 47 years of public employment. So, yeah, he probably is that deluded.

All Glory be to God, Donald Trump is still with us, will continue to lead us and will be back in the White House in four years.

In the meantime, the Democrats will continue to attempt to destroy America’s ideals and its march toward freedom for all.

Bill Jones



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