Intrusive Project - 27 East


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Intrusive Project

Thank you, Kitty Merrill, for reporting about the very negative impact the Art Market Art Fair has on our Bridgehampton neighborhood during the precious summer weeks [“Neighbors Petition For Denial Of Bridgehampton Art Market Fair This Summer,”, March 16].

As a resident one house away from the build, I can confirm what a nightmare it is to live near such a hideous and intrusive project. To add to the injury, they have blighted the area by leaving behind a compacted gravel road where there was once a beautiful farm field full of wildlife (including nesting piping plovers). The natural beauty of the farm field, uniquely placed to remind everyone of the agricultural heritage here, has been turned it into a lot that looks abandoned. It’s no wonder my two immediate neighbors have popped up “for sale” signs — and it’s not just the hot sellers’ market, I assure you.

Quality of life here is very negatively impacted during the build of that facility, by the event itself and by the extensive breakdown required. This hamlet worked hard to preserve that field from becoming a parking lot over 20 years ago, but the pressure to develop comes in all forms. This is another one.

To add further insult, no one I know was notified or informed in advance in any manner, other than the sudden appearance of people surveying the lot with orange tape and wood stakes. Surely local galleries must also suffer if they don’t participate, adding what must be a high fee to whatever it costs to pay for gallery space out here.

There has to be a better way to handle this ugly commercial intrusion, and there should be some consideration for the directly impacted neighborhoods.

Susan White