Invasion From The Sky - 27 East


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Invasion From The Sky

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the water of late, boating, swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding. The air is crisp, the water still warm. The natural beauty is just staggering, and the tranquility soothes my soul during these troubled times.

But that tranquility is interrupted continuously by the never-ending parade of helicopters, seaplanes, small jets and other aircraft whose noise is deafening and whose leaded emissions rain down on our waterways, polluting our sacred land, water and air. There is also the very present danger of malfunctioning aircraft crashing in our neighborhoods as they fly over our homes, our children and our grandchildren. This invasion from the sky is even worse during the summer season.

The current situation is untenable. Either the East Hampton Airport must be shut down or severe restrictions put into place regarding helicopter use and other commercial air traffic.

We say we care about the environment out here on the East End. We say we want clean air and water. We say we are in a climate emergency. We say we should reduce our carbon footprint. But we are talking the talk, not walking the walk.

One person who is fighting hard for environmental justice is Tommy John Schiavoni, one of Southampton’s Town Council members who is running for reelection. Tommy John has been advocating tirelessly for reducing air traffic in our region to protect us from noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution and unsafe flying practices over our residential areas.

Mr. Schiavoni deserves our thanks and our vote.

Andi Klausner

Water Mill

Ms. Klausner is 2nd vice chair of the Southampton Democratic Committee — Ed.