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Invest in Teachers

It has come to my attention the possibility of losing great teachers at the end of the school year [“Teachers and Parents Speak Out About Elementary Position Cuts in Adopted Westhampton Beach Budget,”, April 17]. Teachers like Miss Gomez and Mrs. Wagner play a crucial role in the education and success of students. Their dedication and support have made a significant impact on my child’s learning journey.

It is essential to recognize the value that these teachers bring to the Westhampton Beach School District and the positive influence they have on the students. The decision to potentially let go of such valuable educators should be carefully considered, especially considering the financial stability of the district.

Investments in infrastructure, such as the football field renovation, are important, but it is equally important to prioritize investment in the teachers who shape the future of our children. Losing experienced and dedicated educators could have long-term consequences for the quality of education provided.

It may be beneficial for the district to reevaluate its priorities and allocate resources in a way that ensures the retention of exceptional teachers like Miss Gomez and Mrs. Wagner. Their commitment and innovative approaches, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, should be recognized and celebrated.

I encourage you to voice your concerns and support for these teachers to the relevant authorities and stakeholders. Together, we can advocate for the importance of retaining excellent educators who have a significant impact on our children’s education.

Kristi Garcia