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It Ain’t Broke

So, why? Why change something that is not broken?

Most recently, Mastic Beach incorporated, only to realize it was too complicated and expensive to continue. They very quickly voted to unincorporate. Donna Nachas stated that “incorporation can be a lengthy, costly and a highly technical process” (New York Times, 2003).

It appears that there is usually a driving issue to warrant incorporation. West Hampton Dunes wanted the ability to regulate zoning laws to accommodate the fact that their homes are in danger from storms. Sagaponack incorporated to keep developers at bay, making it very difficult, if not impossible, for them to develop waterfront properties.

These facts beg the question: Why incorporate East Quogue now? The answer seems to go right back to Discovery Land. They appear to be hedging their bet. If either the town or the Pine Barrens Commission says no for a second time to Discovery’s request for a golf course, the newly formed village will be in a quandary. Do they say yes to Discovery’s project after being rejected and reignite a contentious battle sure to spawn numerous lawsuits? Or do they spurn Discovery? The link between Discovery Land and the incorporation of East Quogue cannot and should not be overlooked.

If that is not enough to dissuade you from voting for incorporation, the increased cost of an incorporated village should. The mayor and trustees (whoever they may be) have vowed to work for free. Yet, any additional costs, assuming the mayor and trustees will work for free forever, have not been articulated. There appears to be confusion and chaos on the part of the organizers of the incorporation movement, resulting in a lack of clarity. The devil is always in the details. I would hate to learn about them after the village has been established.

I urge everyone to stop and ask: Are things so bad we need to change them now? In the words of my late dad, Rocco, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Just fuhgeddaboutit — vote no on incorporation.

Michael AlestraEast Quogue


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