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It Is Time

On the East End of Long Island, we believe we are “woke” — we believe we are doing something. We believe we are good people. We recycle, we greet our neighbors, we vote and we all believe we are doing what we can.

Well, we are not. Not even close.

I also think the same: I think I work hard for our community. However, not even close.

Bridget Fleming, Robin Long and Tommy John Schiavoni work hard for our community. They are at every town meeting, every election, every community or environmental event, or church service there is.

We on the East End of Long Island are very lucky that these people are here honoring the stewardship that being an elected official means. This election, we, us woke people of this community, need to step up our game of community involvement as these stewards need our help.

Please step up and ask what you can do for your community. Come help elect Bridget Fleming, Robin Long and Tommy John Schiavoni. There are offices to man, phone calls to make, letters to write, and meet-and-greets to host.

Let’s be part of the solution and help keep our fragile, unique environment safe. To help, call 631-709-5022 or 212-564-8900, or email I will see you there.

Julie Keyes

Sag Harbor