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It Must Stop

I am not a resident of the Town of East Hampton, but, living in Bridgehampton/Sagaponack north, our daily life is impacted by the East Hampton Airport. As a nonresident, I realize I have little say in what can or should be done with the property. I just know that the barrage must stop.

The number of flights is way too much for a tiny, regional airport whose original purpose has been taken over by opportunists and nonlocal business. Efforts to control the number of flights have totally failed through the years. The frequency of outgoing traffic makes it clear that there is no such thing as “air traffic control,” and this year has been the worst.

Members of the East Hampton Business Alliance, to sway the public in their favor through their ads and website, have done nothing to advance their cause. Redirecting flight patterns only moves the problem elsewhere and is an unacceptable alternative.

Whether it be repurposed to parkland or, hopefully, a cluster of much-needed affordable housing is up to the Town Board and residents. All is can say is that the noise and pollution generated by the property’s current use must change for the sake of all East Enders. If temporary closure is not in the cards, seriously restricted use must occur as soon as possible while decisions are made.

The problem has escalated to an unbearable level.

Frank Setteducati