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It Pays To Volunteer

Many thanks to the Noyac Civic Council members who tirelessly picked up trash along Noyac Road, Circle Beach and around Trout Pond for the Great East End Clean-Up on Saturday, May 15.

James and Tomoe Croak, Chuck Neuman, Ellie Thompson, John Arendt, Marguerite Basti and I gave up a Saturday to improve our hamlet. Many thanks to Phil of the Town of Southampton Highway Department who gave up his time off to help us in this yearly endeavor.

Among the treasures we found, with the usual food wrappers and beverage receptacles, was a skeleton hanging from a tree. (No, it was not Jimmy Hoffa.) Someone else found a Tiffany diamond and emerald ring near the intersection of Noyac Road and Millstone Road. It pays to volunteer! Heineken and Coors Light seem to be the most popular beers this year.

Noyac is the understated jewel in the Town of Southampton. Our residents are not afraid to make an impression quietly as the cleanup volunteers did Saturday. At other times, we are more vociferous if we are protecting our water supply from contamination or residential neighborhoods from unhealthy projects, like constructing a cell tower.

We are concerned with the safety and sanitary conditions at Long Beach and Trout Pond. We advocate for quality education while being mindful and attentive to our government’s spending and levying taxes. We will continue to register noise complaints from low-flying aircraft.

I am proud of my civic-minded Noyac neighbors who work together to get the job done for all of us.

Elena Loreto


Noyac Civic Council