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It Wasn’t Us

We wish to inform your readers that Save Sag Harbor had no involvement in the creation or the purchase of the political ad that appeared in the May 27 edition of The Sag Harbor Express, nor do we have any affiliation with the group that refers to itself as “Protect Sag Harbor.” Our organization’s name was used in the ad without permission or notice.

“Save Sag Harbor” is a 501(c)(4). As such, we cannot and do not take political positions.

Moreover, the ad was, in our opinion, negative and divisive. This is counter to the nonpartisan stance we maintain, contrary to the community fellowship and constructive alliances we promote, and at odds with our efforts to encourage voters of all ideologies to engage positively in the election process.

Hilary Loomis


Bob Weinstein


Save Sag Harbor

The letter also was signed by Save Sag Harbor board members Barbara Roberts (treasurer), Tom Clavin (secretary), Randolph Croxton, Myrna Davis, Sara Gage, Elizabeth Gilbert, Peter Ginna and Hilary Haman — Ed.