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It’s About Golf

It’s About GolfIn a Press article by Joseph P. Shaw and Amanda Bernocco dated November 20, 2017, [“Golf Course Still In Play,” November 20, 2017] the Town Attorney is quoted as saying “‘it’s possible’ for Discovery Land to build a golf course as a recreational use for a traditional subdivision, if it is forced to abandon its planned development district …”

Also in that same article, referencing Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman: “It’s possible to make an argument, he said, that a golf course can be considered a recreational amenity, just like a pool, tennis court or other permitted uses.”

On November 27, 2017, the Final Findings Statement for The Hills PDD was released. It stated that “all of the alternatives considered would have equal or greater adverse impacts and would not provide the economic or social environmental benefits of the Proposed Project.”

Knowing that Discovery had an alternate route to build a golf course and knowing that $13.6 million in real community benefits for East Quogue would be lost, on December 5, 2017 John Bouvier and Julie Lofstad voted “no” on the project that would have provided the greatest benefits to East Quogue.

I am amazed at the number of East Quogue residents I have spoken with who honestly believe that because “The Hills” was defeated, nothing will be built in Spinney Hills in East Quogue. When I explain the Lewis Road PRD, their heads explode.

The golf course as a recreational amenity was approved by the Zoning Board on November 15, 2018. The Lewis Road PRD application was deemed complete on June 28, The Suffolk County Planning Commission approved the project on October 2, and the Southampton Town Planning Board will vote on the preliminary application on October 24.

Do you trust the Town Board to do what is best for East Quogue in the future? They said no to a project that would have had a huge, positive impact on our community, all while knowing the alternative. They did it because they knew that they faced no ramifications from us. They did it to garner votes east of the canal. That’s not going to change because we don’t have a voting block large enough to make a difference at the town level.

It’s time to have East Quogue residents decide what happens in East Quogue and village incorporation is the only way to do that. The opposition to village incorporation keeps telling residents that this is about a golf course, and on that point I agree with them. This IS about a golf course, and residents have 13.6 million reasons to vote FOR village incorporation.

Cyndi McNamaraEast Quogue


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