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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2201817

It’s Ironic

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is interested in opening an impeachment inquiry into the international financial activities of the Biden family to determine if the former vice president had participated directly or indirectly.

This House-managed investigation is required to get bank records of activity that has been withheld to date. There were over 70 incidents of notifications by these banks to the U.S. Treasury that were flagged as potential money laundering transactions. We know that Biden family members were the beneficiaries of millions of dollars of distributions to and from myriad shell companies that actually offered no goods or services in lieu of payment.

The money seems to have been deliberately made hard to trace back to its origins. Why? Curiously, none of the recipients, including point man Hunter Biden, had any skill sets to suggest that the money was earned in some legitimate fashion, unless direct access to the highest levels of the U.S. government would suffice.

Now, it is no secret that access meant Joe Biden. Candidate Biden, on national TV in a debate with Donald Trump, was asked if he had any knowledge of his son’s foreign business activities. He emphatically lied to all of us that he didn’t, when we know now that he was literally on call if Hunter needed to produce proof of his influence.

Candidate Biden produced more whoppers at the presidential debate. While knowing the laptop and everything it held were true, he lied again, claiming it was Russian dirty tricks. He then enhanced the deliberate lie by producing the now discredited letter from 50 former ranking intelligence officials who knowingly dishonored themselves by stating that the laptop was a plant.

Biden has never disowned the lies he told. Looking back again to the presidential debate, Trump asked Biden why Hunter had received $3.5 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. What had he done to deserve $183,000 a month to sit on board of Burisma? Joe Biden’s answer was another total lie: “None of it is true.”

For the record, of course it was true, and, curiously, when Vice President Biden left office, Hunter’s draw was cut in half. Any there, there?

Democrats and their accomplices in the media have stonewalled these obviously compelling threads for investigation. The hypocrisy in their effort to undermine the potentially impeachable high crimes standard, of which bribery is specifically listed, is clear.

To any open mind, Trump was impeached on far less evidence and a whole lot more political malpractice. Compare the witch hunt led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to this inquiry. Compare the original impeachment charge that Trump wanted evidence of Biden graft or he wouldn’t deliver arms to Ukraine.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Ed Surgan