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It’s Our Money!

It goes to show how desperate Donald Trump feels about his chances in 2020 that he ordered the U.S. Treasury to print his name on the stimulus checks, stimulating all ethical Americans into a rage. The money coming from the government is not the president’s money. It’s ours, the taxpayers’.

But Trump’s reason for doing this is crystal clear. It’s not meant for those who are informed and understand. It’s meant for all those Americans who are not interested in knowing what Trump is up to, they are not interested in listening to the truth about him. They voted for Trump, duped by his scare-mongering and lies.

They will be duped again when they see their paper checks with “Trump” written on them. They will think Trump gave them this money.

He didn’t.

We, who understand and are outraged, need to flood the press and other media with letters like this — we need to blog to block Trump. If we stay silent and smirk at the president, he will be elected.

At times of crises like this, people tend to vote for the incumbent. Remember 2004, when George W. Bush beat John Kerry handily; 9/11 was already three years away. But the American people voted for the incumbent, impressed by the “shock and awe” of America’s invasion of Iraq. Bush’s cabinet lied to us about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. The people believed in Bush and returned him to the White House.

The same thing will happen again, with novel coronavirus either still with us in November or a very, very recent memory.

Please, let’s band together and write, write and write against the president’s dangerous policies, lies and megalomania. Let’s flood the newspapers, television and the internet with the truth about Donald Trump.

Or else, let’s be prepared for four more years.

Shivaji Sengupta



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