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It’s So Unfair

Donald Trump says it’s unfair to Republicans to “bail out” blue states. Governor Andrew Cuomo says it’s unfair that New York State puts billions of dollars more into the federal “pot” every year than it gets back … and he says that it’s unfair that the state of Kentucky gets billions of dollars more from the federal government than it puts in every year.

I think that it’s unfair that we are bailing out many huge publicly traded companies (including airlines, hotels and cruise lines) that have mismanaged their companies’ finances for many years. Rather than setting aside reserves for “rainy days,” they bought back their stock and paid out dividends, thereby leaving their treasuries dry.

I think that it’s unfair that a large portion of the Paycheck Protection Program has gone to big companies, thereby leaving out many small-business owners.

I think that it’s unfair that we still don’t have enough coronavirus tests. I think that it’s unfair that we have a president who harms the public’s health by touting quackery medical treatments.

I think it’s unfair that our local congressman, Lee Zeldin, has not used his close relationship with Trump to convince him that we New Yorkers need and deserve federal financial assistance for COVID-19.

Finally, I think it’s unfair to have a president who doesn’t even try to be president of all states in America. We call ourselves the United States of America. However, even during this worldwide pandemic, Trump continues to sow seeds of division here at home and abroad … It’s a pitiful disgrace.

Dick Sheehan

Westhampton Beach


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