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I’ve Got A Beef

There is so much to be frustrated and concerned about these days: inflation, shark sightings, the infuriatingly still viable political pulse of a certain former president. Wouldn’t it feel terrific to change something that’s so wrong, staring all of us in the face, every time we go to Fellingham’s for one of their truly sensational burgers?

Of course, I’m referring to the best burger on the menu, the one down near the bottom of the left side of the list, featuring melted bleu cheese. I order it every time, medium-rare. Spectacular!

But, please, can we change the name?

The Mario Lemieux? An homage to the face of the whiniest franchise with the whiniest, most entitled players and fans in the history of the National Hockey League? Which, by the way, is also a truly loathed rival of the Rangers, in particular?

And speaking of the boys in blue, I have a respectful suggestion for Millie Fellingham, the lovely lady in charge of the restaurant and menu: I totally get the French, literally, connection that prompted whoever it was to decide that Montreal native Mario Lemieux was the perfect guy to assign to the burger with “bleu” cheese.

But we’re coming up on the anniversary of the death (August 19) of another Montreal native, and also a Hockey Hall of Famer, who happens to be an adored lifetime Ranger: Rod Gilbert.

Millie, I’m begging you, please — this is, again, respectfully, a no-brainer. That already amazing burger will taste even more amazing if it could be ordered in Rod’s name.

Now, I realize if you go for this it’ll require the menu to be reprinted. No problem! I’m confident this brilliant suggestion will inspire any number of other like-minded Penguins/Mario haters (and let’s not forget Sid, Gino and Kris) to happily contribute to that cause.

Which raises another thought, on behalf of any Islanders fans who are reading this: Not one burger on that menu is named for a player on that team! This fact has not cost me one second of sleep over the years, but I truly mourned along with all Islanders fans earlier this year when both Clark Gillies and Mike Bossy passed away — truly two of the greatest players in Islanders history. I’m thinking there may (and should) be a place for both on that updated burger menu, and we can expand the list for the reprinting contributions to any Isles fans who agree with this idea.

Millie, I sincerely hope you’ll consider this suggestion and I look forward to hearing any thoughts you have.

Tom Murray


As a lifelong Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I strongly object to many of the sentiments herein, especially concerning the greatest player in NHL history (I’m available to debate this) … but I will respectfully agree that the honor probably should go to a Ranger or Islander, based purely on geography — Ed.