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Just Like Europe

Whether we wanted a wake-up call or not, we got one. The globe got one in COVID-19. Are we listening?

It seems to me that Sag Harbor needs a wake-up call and the perfect opportunity. Parking meters on Main Street? Seriously?

Has there ever been a better time or topic for addressing Sag Harbor’s role regarding climate action? No cars, no meters. Cobblestone the street, add gas lanterns and electric golf carts that take people to their vehicles in parking lots outside the village, of which there are plenty.

Heighten socializing, heighten shopping and dining experiences, and heighten the human contact on a walking promenade that is three blocks long. An antidote for isolation.

Wake up! We can do this! Make us proud of our village as we move into the Climate Action years. Make it a village effort!

This is an inclusive choice. All the people who don’t drive would now be included in the village promenade: people in wheelchairs, babies in strollers, bicycles and tricycles, disabled young adults who don’t drive, people who choose not to drive or can’t afford a car. Why are we deaf to the needs of all the others who don’t drive into the village?

People would just slow down, commune and walk more, probably not even thinking about it, just as they do when they visit Europe.

Eleni Prieston

Sag Harbor


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