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Just Not True

I always thought that in writing to this newspaper, you could give almost any opinion that you wanted — but you couldn’t state things as fact that were not factual. I thought the editors would stop out-and-out lies from being printed.

In the August 13 edition, letter writer Marlene Haresign [“Sinister Step”] stated: “For years, the GOP has talked about ending Social Security.” For years? Did George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney or Donald Trump call for “ending Social Security”? Did Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell or any Republican leader call for the “ending of Social Security”?

The answer is no. This lady made it up and should be ashamed for lying. The editors should have caught the lie and not printed it. This woman may have heard a left-wing commentator say that the Republicans want to end Social Security, but that’s not the same as it being true.

Bill Keating

Hampton Bays


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