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Just Plain Bad

Think globally, act locally, right? Okay, let’s see what Donald Trump has done for us here on Long Island.

He doesn’t believe in climate change, orders the very words scrubbed from federal regulations, and sure won’t help us with the causes of drought or rising waters. That’s pretty tough, because rising waters can just make Long Island go away over time, goodbye.

What else? Well, he’s blown it badly on the pandemic, and now refuses even to repair the damage he’s done, holding up COVID-19 relief aid that Long Island wage earners, small businesses, schools and hospitals needed yesterday. If your kid makes a mess, you make him clean it up, right? But what if the kid is the president of the United States?

Donald Trump is a big fan of fossil fuels: oil, gas, coal. Don’t ask why, but the word “money” will show up in any answer. He doesn’t see them as contributing to climate change, because there’s no such thing, right? But it’s worse — if oil deposits were discovered offshore from, say, Main Beach in East Hampton, you’d have drilling there the next morning with Trump in charge.

There’s much more, but I’ll close with race and ethnic relations. We have some friction in that department on Long Island, not as much as some places, more than others. Fire is an overworked image for this issue, but it fits so well, I’ll use it anyway. If you’re the president, the supposedly responsible leader of the American people, you don’t fan the flames, you don’t blow on the thing — but that’s just what Donald Trump does. I guess he thinks it will help him some way, and if it helps him, it’s okay, regardless. That’s bad, that’s just plain bad.

Donald Trump is not good for Long Island, and he’s not good for the United States.

I’ve already voted for Joe Biden and I hope we all do the same.

George Lynch


Mr. Lynch is treasurer of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee — Ed.


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