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Just Say No

How many times must voters say no to Discovery Land Company’s gargantuan golf course and planned residential development, anyway?

The Town Board voted no two years ago. East Quogue voted no to a village — which we all knew what we were really voting no for: no PRD.

Now, once again, another extension has been granted, partly by the aggressive work of Jay “Developer” Schneiderman, who, at the last meeting, lobbied colleagues to grant this latest extension [“With Denial Motion Defeated, Lewis Road Vote Delayed Until Next Year,” 27east.com, September 22].

I want to know, Mr. Schneiderman, what’s in it for you? Our voices, the ones you supposedly represent, are falling on deaf ears. “No” is a complete sentence.

We are not fools. Neither is Ed Romaine nor Carrie Meek Gallagher. It is particularly telling that Ms. Gallagher stated that the processes “have become convoluted.” I believe that this has been part of Discovery’s strategy: to continue to muddy the waters with things that are not “major changes” (that from Mr. Schneiderman). Now, more extensions and changes, so that we will throw up our arms and give up? Discovery has very deep pockets and can bury us in lawyers for a long time.

So please, Pine Barrens Commission, just say no.

Mindy Reyer

East Quogue


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